Request Permission to Duplicate, Reprint, or Translate

Asperger Works, Inc. (hereto referred to as AWorks) recognizes and respects intellectual property rights and adheres to copyright law. To ensure that the rights of our visitors are protected, we encourage readers to request permission, as appropriate, from AWorks or other copyright holders before reusing copyrighted content. For information about the copyright law of the United States, visit

Duplication Guidelines for Classroom Use

AWorks permits visitors and educators to duplicate a limited number of copies, free of charge, provided that

1. Duplication is for an educational purpose in a not-for-profit institution or organization.

2. Copies are distributed free of charge beyond the cost of duplication.

3. Each copy includes a full citation of the source.

This authorization does not include articles, illustrations, graphics, or photographs not copyrighted by AWorks.

Permission to Make Copies

Contact us (Please include “Permission to make copies for non-academic use” in Subject line.)


Contact us! (Please include “Permission to reprint” in Subject line)

Permission to Translate

Contact us! (Please include “Permission to reprint” in Subject line)

Last Updated: April, 2020